Soul thoughts

by Milangela

Reconnect with nature

Spending time in forests – Shinrin Joku

Spending time around trees, forgetting busy life, and mindfully observing nature and its wonders. Of course! Tell me about it! And yet, for several reasons, people have been turning away from nature’s ways.

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Who Are We in Reality

In recent years, perhaps more than before, I have been increasingly asking myself the question of who I am and what my purpose here on Earth is. Why are some people doing well – or so it seems – and why do many struggle – hardly making both ends meet?

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On Life

Feel the hurt. Shed your tears. Do the work. Heal, and grow spiritually!

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On New Year’s Resolutions

Setting intentions, making New Year’s resolutions. In today’s reality where there’s an abundance of everything. Buying presents for people other than your closest family is a true challenge.

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Appreciating What Matters

How long does it take us to enjoy what we have, to be grateful for this moment? Why are we blind to the “riches & happiness” of what the simplest of things hide within?

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The Mighty Silence

My good moments in meditation, those powerful, peaceful, captivating times when I just AM – silent, absorbed, content, enough – have made me understand the significance of »being«. The magical moments of peace and joy in my soul. Only then can I see the ways of the world as they are.

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Old Habits Die Hard

The belief that our life is the reflection of our “thoughts and (re) actions” is getting more and more attention. Undoubtedly, a hard nut to crack. Our life takes on a form we must experience in order for us to grow spiritually; nothing can happen without our permission.

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The Power of Thought

Everything man has ever created was first in the mind. From basic ideas to great inventions. That a writer first conjures the story up and then puts it on paper is simple to understand! Really logical. But do we understand what that means?

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