The Mighty Silence

My good moments in meditation, those powerful, peaceful, captivating times when I just AM – silent, absorbed, content, enough – have made me understand the significance of »being«. The magical moments of peace and joy in my soul. Only then can I see the ways of the world as they are. A mere observer, emotionally detached, not allowing myself to get caught in invisible traps. How wonderful it is when we can refrain from comments.

Silence has enormous power. Yet, for the most part, in my view, people are scared of it. So they talk if only to break it. Think of times when someone, say the speaker of an event, took the liberty of not saying anything for a minute. Everyone present is startled and starts to look around, instead of leaning into the space, enjoying the moment, and getting prepared for what’s coming.

Blissful silence.

In normal life situations, when we let ourselves be silent, we heal, recover, calm down, and show respect. When there is no one else but me, time slows down, answers come, and so do insightful revelations.

Silence. Quietness. Tranquillity. Peace.

When you are pleased with how you are, when you pay no attention to what others think of you then the misbelief that »silent« equals »shy, awkward, unsociable, ill-prepared« becomes diluted until it dissolves altogether.

Naturally, as with everything else, there are two sides to the same coin.

Some resort to silence to upset, displease, irritate, and hurt to show disapproval or withdrawal. Others choose to be silent to punish, or out of fear. Either of the three serves no good. Only the silence generated by a peaceful mind and a loving heart shall bring positive change.

»In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.«

Martin Luther King Jr.