made by Milangela's Soul Garden

… a wide-open door that ultimately leads to new opportunities. The organic interplay of strolling in nature, pondering spirituality, discovering your giftedness, cultivating creativity, and keeping a positive mindset.

Sometimes the burden of life is just too heavy to carry and people might feel overwhelmed and lost in the maze of all that is available, when in fact the best remedies and help are hidden inside of us.

If the sentence “I could appreciate some advice” Is yours, you are in the right place. So many of us have experienced the bad and the dark and managed to re-invent our new reality! 

And if we made it, so can you! But it takes your willpower and determination! Without either we are powerless!

I am committed to inspiring people, embracing the future and new opportunities, rather than contemplating the sad, grim events of the past. My guests narrate the hardship they had experienced in a relatable way, to encourage you to follow in their footsteps and perceive your life path anew.

I feel humbled and honored to be able to hear about the unbelievable courage, strength, perseverance, and willpower experienced by my guests.

Every one of them opens yet another life chapter. They enrich me. Becoming part of this community, many of you who need that encouragement and support will hopefully rethink your decisions, leave your past behind, and move forward.

To stumble on a hurdle is something most of us have done. It’s only human. But to be able to find a way around it, with a positive attitude, is the privilege of the brave and the mindful.

So make sure you ARE part of this tribe!

It is not the hearing that improves life, but the listening.