Soul garden

Nature / Creativity / Spirituality

May I invite you, dear visitor, to slow down your pace and look around? Enjoy the moment and take in the beauty of mother nature as you gaze at the horizon, and contemplate the layout of this soul garden.

Walking down different paths, you will soon realize it is an English garden, I am in love with, in that a lot is going on, no geometry, but still orderly and beautiful. The main areas will touch on:

physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Only when we take care of them all, are we in tune with the true love for life, enjoying our personal and collective journey on this planet.

So the Soul Gardener has designed the garden forming “beds” where we shall cultivate a cluster of beneficial things. Not just food for the soul – insightful topics (discussed on my podcast with guests), but also herbs and produce to spice up your arty and crafty projects, and some other all-time ingredients – staples of your new connection to nature. 

Milangela’s soul garden is a baby garden with newly planted trees and flowers that one day will reach maturity. We will grow together, my garden and me, and YOU, dear visitor.

My Soul Garden products:

The world is giving you answers each day.