Soul thoughts

by Milangela

Who Are We in Reality

In recent years, perhaps more than before, I have been increasingly asking myself the question of who I am and what my purpose here on Earth is. Why are some

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On New Year’s Resolutions

Setting intentions, making New Year’s resolutions. In today’s reality where there’s an abundance of everything. Buying presents for people other than your closest family is a true challenge.

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Appreciating What Matters

How long does it take us to enjoy what we have, to be grateful for this moment? Why are we blind to the “riches & happiness” of what the simplest

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The Mighty Silence

My good moments in meditation, those powerful, peaceful, captivating times when I just AM – silent, absorbed, content, enough – have made me understand the significance of »being«. The magical

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Old Habits Die Hard

The belief that our life is the reflection of our “thoughts and (re) actions” is getting more and more attention. Undoubtedly, a hard nut to crack. Our life takes on

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The Power of Thought

Everything man has ever created was first in the mind. From basic ideas to great inventions. That a writer first conjures the story up and then puts it on paper

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