On New Year’s Resolutions

I remember the times when I was thrilled about the magic that Christmas and New Year’s Eve brought about. Like every kid around the globe, I believed in the magic of Santa Claus. Making a list was a big chore done ever so carefully. But once it had been written, nothing could go wrong. Well, of course, playing by the rule » be good« was key. But that never seemed hard to do. I was doing my best and truly visualized the white-bearded man and the reindeer circling the rooftops, tossing presents down the chimneys. Nothing else mattered – the magical time and the excitement and expectation. I was full of fervent hope that all my wishes be granted and for the most part, they were. Moderate living did not leave much room for big dreams. When presents finally appeared my heart was beating like crazy and before unwrapping them I used to hold them in my arms, pressing them against my heart, in appreciation, I suppose. It was like being under a spell. I treasured everything that appeared in front of my eyes, as I was unwrapping the parcel. That was then and we were kids.

  1. Pay attention to what matters in life.
  2. Listen to your body, not the monkey mind.
  3. Connect with the divine in you.

Fast forward to today. An abundance of everything. Buying presents for people other than your closest family is a true challenge.

And yet, New Year’s Resolutions, for the main part, still revolve around material possessions.

How about changing the silly habit and doing something meaningful this time? Something really special?

Let’s say you’re dissatisfied, maybe disappointed, fed up with life, and the way things are going.

And you would like to reverse that, but are not sure how to do it.

Imagine waking up one morning but, instead of the annoying noise of your neighbor’s old car, for the first time in a long while, what you notice is how beautiful the sky is so early in the morning. Then you hear the birds singing, your eye stops on the soothing green of the oak tree across the road. You smile spontaneously! And the story writes itself along those lines. You choose to see, hear, smell, and feel the good instead of the bad. On a conscious level, you make a choice whether to see black or white, whether to hear the positive or the negative. Consciously present in the moment, and carefully choose your mood!

You know the pattern: I have migraines. I don’t read because that always gets me a headache. I am a migraine sufferer. This is a hellish pattern that drags you further and further into the abyss.

I HAVE “it” – so, this is how I BEHAVE/what I DO – this is how I AM. This is the “HAVE – DO – BE” pattern.

Every single one of such connected, negativity-driving thoughts, every single moment you have those thoughts fills your body with negative energy that gives you more and more headaches. That kind of reasoning has been imposed on us and today we do not know how to escape the grip of negativity. But luckily that doesn’t mean it’s here to stay, it does not mean we are doomed, and neither does it mean it can’t be undone.

It is just a pattern that needs to get changed. Different thinking and feeling despite the situation we find ourselves in turns our world upside down and changes it for the better.

“I am a healthy person, I read and love it! I have a healthy body that supports my wishes! I have a healthy body and my vision is getting better and better!

The changed pattern:

I AM like this – I BEHAVE like this – I HAVE this. The NEW PATTERN is “BE- DO – HAVE”.
Deliberately choosing the positive makes the negative side shaken, torn apart, and eventually, it dissolves. We start to feel better. We just have to stick to this new pattern for some time.

Sorry for the bluntness, the eyes of most of us may be wide open, but they are blind, the ears deaf to the beating of the heart. The idea of turning things upside down just doesn’t come to mind! But are you really sure you want to be like those who suffer in silence, and do nothing to change it? Isn’t it about time to be YOU?

It cannot be done overnight. It takes some doing! But, when you realize that passionate thinking of something you crave, literally conjures up those same things first for your mind’s eye to see, but sure enough eventually also in your physical lives, this whole »day-dreaming« business turns into a complete game-changer.

Today, more than a decade later, I am no longer the victim I used to be. I know better than that. And despite the demons that occasionally still try to drag me back to the old, abandoned, and overgrown trails of my past, I keep changing the story. I consciously decide who I want to be, how I want to be, who I want to be with…

The time is right for New Year’s Resolutions.

To take stock of the things that really matter. To reflect on the good and bad days, the hurdles, the mistakes we have made, and then all the things that would make a difference for us, and our future!

 If the last two years and the pandemic have taught us anything

it is we must take care of our health, and well-being, and keep our sanity in times when life gets crazy.

So, let’s do it! Let us break the chain of that which no longer serves and set intentions that will make us thrive! I would be happy to hear about the changes that you will have made.