Who Are We in Reality

In recent years, perhaps more than before, I have been increasingly asking myself the question of who I am and what my purpose here on Earth is. Why are some people doing well – or so it seems – and why do many struggle – hardly making both ends meet?

I used to believe in fate but no longer do. I have long since stopped giving any credence to the idea that nothing can be changed, and, honestly, find such deterministic paradigms not only antiquated but truly misleading.

As I silently watch this world go round and round, spinning us like kids on a merry-go-round, I wonder: ‘Why? Why in this “apparel? Why carry the physical body around when most likely what really counts is the invisible field enveloping our bodies? What is there to learn in this strenuous, physical form?  What is the purpose of dragging not just our bodies, but also all the burdens we add on during our time on Earth? Surely not with the ultimate aim of experiencing darkness, doubt, fear, and uncertainty. That would be just too ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree?  I keep looking at the actions of gluttons whose eyes go crazy with avarice. I listen to the words of those same people and I cannot believe that we are one – one energy, one journey, one life.

When in fact who we are is best described as beautiful light beings made of… well, practically nothing. Our true home is out there somewhere, and we are a blend of light, darkness, vibrations, and sound. I know this is a hard nut to crack and you quite possibly believe that such thinking is strange, incomprehensible, frightening, unimaginable. I am not blaming you. And, in a sense it is. Yet, I must apologize to you, dear reader, for, this is how I feel. Life has taught me that to be, to feel, to perceive, and to surrender to the universal mind, or ” common sense”, for that matter is by far wiser than to be clever about things that are not in the domain of the rational.

I love words. I love books, but more and more I have come to realize that it is sound that invites me into my true home, the sound that is tuned to the earth and its breath. The gentle vibrations of the Schumann resonance, say, calm the head, and the body and invite us into a world that has not been considered ours,  yet it is. It is more so than we can possibly comprehend.

As an energy therapist who is given a little peek into the invisible world – my own and other people’s – I have become even more humble. If only people knew that life is not governed by power, at least not in the true sense of the word, but rather by those invisible, subtle energies of the universe.

Let me stay here for a moment. The only thing we humans see, at least the vast majority of us, is a tiny fragment, I would say a pith, of something much bigger, complex, and mysterious. We are a small “wedge” placed in the center of a  transparent toroid, in which the waves swirl and churn. 

The development, growth, learning, ups, and downs on the path of this little man (that we are) purify the very core and define the invisible around us, until finally, we are calm, wise, and joyful, at the moment; even when, or especially when, storms are raging in our physical life. The journey can be an extremely long, difficult, negative experience of continual suffering.
Or it can be something quite different.

“If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think about energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– N. Tesla

“Everything in life is vibration.”

– A. Einstein

 Isn’t it crazy, how such remarkable thoughts pass by completely unnoticed or ignored by the ordinary mind?

But what do they really mean?

In my humble opinion, and a nutshell.

The way you vibrate is the message you send out into the world. When you are consumed by anger, the energy you emit is as sharp as a knife and it spreads around at lightning speed. But that is not all. In the world of physics, there is this phenomenon called resonance. Things that have similar frequencies start to “clink, rattle and resonate” together. When you rage, the physics of this world will make sure that the anger, out there somewhere, will hear you, respond to your vibration, and, will come to meet you. As simple as that!

But once aware of this, we shall do as our sage grandmothers used to. They said, “Come, what may!” placing complete trust in the words.” They believed with all their hearts that everything bad eventually turns into good and lived as if nothing was wrong, despite hardships.  

Allow me to invite you on an extraordinary journey of change. Change the bad, the negative, and the dark into the good, the positive, the hopeful, and lit with light. Change your vibration! Engage your mind and heart!

Will you accept the challenge?